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  • Everyone’s okay to Kayak

    5 May 2021 by

    I started kayaking in September last year. And who would’ve believed it? Well, not me. Who was I kidding? Kayaking!? Yeah, sure! You see, I’m the sort of person who needs to be press-ganged into any sort of water sports, and to date had done very well to avoid them. But when my friend and… Read more

  • Follow the buzz to ‘Il Bombo d’Oro’ – ‘The Golden Bumblebee’ restaurant in Sardinia.

    9 Feb 2020 by

    Eating at an agri-risto out in the countryside of Sardinia is an absolute must if you’re visiting the island or live here. An agri-risto (agri-restau in English) is a picturesque, agricultural restaurant that offers high-quality dishes with food that has been locally produced using eco-friendly farming techniques. I’ve lived in the island’s capital, Cagliari, now… Read more

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