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  • Follow the buzz to ‘Il Bombo d’Oro’ – ‘The Golden Bumblebee’ restaurant in Sardinia.

    9 Feb 2020 by

    Eating at an agri-risto out in the countryside of Sardinia is an absolute must if you’re visiting the island or live here. An agri-risto (agri-restau in English) is a picturesque, agricultural restaurant that offers high-quality dishes with food that has been locally produced using eco-friendly farming techniques. I’ve lived in the island’s capital, Cagliari, now… Read more

  • Slogan

    6 Feb 2020 by

    One of the first things I wrote while on the CMP course was to write a slogan that ‘reflects your character.’ Mine was ‘Ticking the funny boxes since 1964.’ It was an interesting, and surprisingly difficult, exercise! Can thoroughly recommend it if you have time to reflect on yourself and create a slogan.

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