Copywriting is about words that open up a whole wide world.

It uses words to sell. And if it’s done right, it can go global.

Words and oysters

When it comes to words and oysters, where better to start than with David Ogilvy’s ‘Guinness Guide to Oysters’ advert.

It’s an icon of 50s advertising.

It’s as brilliant a concept for an advert as, say, ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ is as a concept for a rock album cover.

This link by Mike Schwaur sums up why it works so well as an advert – if you don’t know;

I’m new to the copywriting world, so I only saw Ogilvy’s advert this year. And I thought it was brilliant. Inspiring.

It made me think about all those copywriting possibilities.

One of the reasons why I enrolled to the CMP (College of Media and Publishing) copywriting course was I thought I might be able to use my creativity with words in a new context.

I’ve been writing poems most of my life. Over the years tried my hand at songs. A few scripts.

Since enrolling at CMP in September 2018, I’ve learnt how Copywriting is a very different kettle of fish. A good copywriter has to be clear and concise. There’s little room for shades of meaning like there is in poems and songs, for example.

Getting into copywriting

I’d been thinking of getting into copywriting for a few months.

Surfed the web for degrees, diplomas, courses in copywriting at British universities.

It was all quite expensive. And would have involved a great deal of upheaval. Moving. Leaving my job. Seemed a bit of a risk.

Then, last September, I started looking at online courses.

CMP grabbed my attention right away. It looked very professional.

I was sold by a mix of things;

  • CMP is a recognised college
  • You qualify with a recognised certificate
  • You do the course at your own pace; there’s no deadline to finish it.
  • The lessons and assignments cover a wide range of copywriting skills.
  • You have a tutor for advice
  • The course doesn’t cost the world.

I took the plunge immediately and enrolled.

Once enrolled, the online CMP platform called OLA (Online Learning Area) is easy to use and reliable. No technical problems ever.

There are eighteen lessons and assignments. I’m on number 15. Once you finish an assignment, you send it to your tutor who marks it within three working days. Without fail. Sometimes quicker.

It’s no mickey mouse course. If you don’t do an assignment to the standard required, you are asked to do it again. Your tutor will tell you where you can improve your work.

It’s a challenge. But that’s what I want. And it’s great when you get a grade A. You know you’ve earned it.

You can see what lessons are coming up in the course, but you have to do each assignment one by one. There’s no skipping back and forth. The course is well structured and builds up nicely.

The lessons are full of clear, concise information and links for you to read up on in order to grasp the concepts. On SEO, writing headlines, leaflets, press releases,  for example.

It’s perfect for me because I work a lot in my teaching job. I can get on with the copywriting course in my free time. Whenever I feel like it.

I’m very happy with CMP. And would recommend it to any of you thinking of getting a recognised qualification. See link to find out about their courses.

At the end of the course, assignment 19 is about getting a job. CMP will, no doubt, give me some great advice.

I would welcome any further tips and advice about getting a job in copywriting. And any feedback on my copywriting on this blog.

Published by John Di Girolamo

I have been teaching English as a foreign language since 1992. I started the Diploma in Copwriting with the College of Media in Publishing in September 2018 and passed it with merit in October 2019. My aim is to get into copywriting and add that string to my bow of work experience.

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